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Corporate Headshots — Creating Powerful Images of Yourself

Do you truly know how important it is to invest in professional corporate headshots? Why shouldn't you just ask a friend or employee to take a few shots with their camera? Well, the answer to these questions is straightforward — the internet is actually your first chance to make a good impression, so you have to make it count!

For starters, your professional headshot is one of the most important images your company's site, and it also represents your personal brand. Just as I mentioned earlier, your headshot could be the very first thing that will be viewed by potential clients as well as prospective employees, and making a good first impression is HUGE and will influence on your daily basis how you approach new leads.


This particular photo can convey a whole lot of things so you should try as much as possible to figure out what you want it to say about YOU.

 Do you find yourself to be trustworthy and approachable? Or are you friendly and service-oriented? The thing is that all these questions can be answered on how you project yourself to the world.  A photo is so powerful that can attract potential investors that want to work with and for you because of how successful you are and how far you have become.

So What Separates a Good Headshot From a quick home-made snapshot?

  • It should capture you in a comfortable, relaxed and confident you
  • Will showcase your style and personality, it is a vivid reflect of yourself and success

Let's keep it real, people knows when u post a bad Headshot.  It's just something about that smartphone photo that you tried so hard to make it work with your mobile filters. Trust me, that photo is NOT making you any good. Corporate headshots can be a primary factor in attracting new clients or turning people away.

You'll need to engage the services of a professional photographer since your headshot will likely be used in different facets including your business's website, all your social media channels as well as media opportunities where you could be profiled.

As we know, choosing and working with a PRO is crucial to the outcome of your business photo. Moreover, the photos you use on your company's website or any other professional platforms defines you, your business and your brand. So getting them done properly and updating them as when due is crucial, and that's exactly where we come in! Gaby Photography can provide you with powerful photos.

Remember, your corporate headshot showcases how you want to be addressed, and it might be your first and only impression which reflects both your personal brand and company. This is exactly why you need a professional photographer to help capture great corporate headshots of you. Be sure to check out our portfolio for more inspiration.

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