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Milestones For Baby Photography - Countdown To The First Year

Every awesome mom and dad enjoy organizing beautiful sessions for their newborns, and I'm pretty sure you're on that team! Well, I guess you might be puzzled about the next time to take pictures, I mean, who wouldn't want to capture those beautiful moments! Right now we're going to take a sneak peek at the most important milestones in the life of babies so you can know the perfect time to capture those priceless details and have them for a lifetime. Sounds good? Let's check them out!


Newborns 5up to 15days old What could be more beautiful than when your new baby enters the world? This is one of the most precious moments that we'll love to document and treasure for a lifetime. Newborn sessions are typically for babies who are two weeks old or even younger. Well, the thing most of us get pretty exhausted and inadvertently miss this beautiful session and I can't blame you for that but definitely i highly recommend you since you wont be able to see and have your baby this tiny any more.

6 months I'm pretty sure you've heard people say that SIX months is the time to take baby pictures. It is a beautiful time, we can get gorgeous and different photo of your baby. The portraits will be stunning.

This milestone is something you will always treasure, the sweetest thing are those warm smiles. Moreover, this is the time babies find that they have chubby little feet and they'll love to grab them and put them in their cute little mouths, will give you the opportunity to capture those baby pictures you're sure to love and cherish for years to come. There are just so many baby poses you can capture at this stage; that's the beauty of the moment!   There's nothing lovelier than giving your baby a smoochy kiss on the cheek during a photo shoot; it's a memory that both you and your child will cherish for a lifetime!

Your Baby is ONE!  It's Time For the Cake Smash!   Here we are at the greatest milestone of all. At this point, your baby can sit and stand. Having your session BEFORE he/she can walk its best advised. The first birthday session is actually the most important session I love to shoot. This type of baby photos are just incredible. At Gaby Photography, we make this moment (turning one) special with a cake smash. The best part is that you'll get to bring your cake along and watch your beautiful baby dive into the cake or do whatever fun stuff that tickles his or her fancy. The thing is that there will always be an awesome reaction from your baby. 

Bottom line: the cake smash session is the coolest way to commensurate the milestone of turning one, so let Gaby Photography make it happen for you and your sweet baby!

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