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Some Tips For your Super Perfect Newborn Photo Session

Some Tips For your Super Perfect Newborn Photo Session

Congratulations mom and dad! You both have officially welcomed a new member to your beautiful family and that's just awesome! So now what? Well, I guess it's time to capture some lovely newborn pictures and the best timing is when baby is between 5-10 days old. For the most part, babies are super cute, but they aren't always the best models and that’s why we highly recommend you a professional photographer who can handle and pose your baby in a proper way. Most of the time, it can be a bit difficult to photograph your beautiful bundle of joy and that's why you need to pre-plan the session with a well-experienced photographer so your baby pictures can be beyond adorable.  As a matter of fact, pre-planning the session is the only way to afford a dream photo shoot that you'll treasure forever. So, in this post, I'm going to share five handy tips you can follow to have a successful newborn photo session. Trust me; you'll want to read these tips before the big day. Are you ready? Let's get started!

  1. The Location

Definitely, a home visit it's very convenient since you feel comfortable BUT still you must take into consideration that we are talking about a NEWBORN baby and for that reason going to a Studio is the best choice you can ever make to keep baby safety as paramount. Babies are unpredictable, we must be ready to improvise and all that requires a logistic that is not accomplished very easily but mostly safely at your place. So, there is no way around, baby safety shall be the main priority and that's why we highly encourage you that it's best to photograph newborns with an established photographer who runs a Studio so you will find all the accommodations to make a dream baby photo shoot taking safety as a main priority.  It's sure to be perfect since you will be surrounded by the most beautiful props & outfits, the best light and equipment and you practically have everything you need there.

  1. Stick To The Right Temperature

Your studio, they will take care of the temperature room. Why? Well, it's only because naked babies get unsettled and increasing the temperature (about 80 degrees) will ensure a happy sleepy baby.  It's also great to loosen the diaper a little bit before the session. Why does this matter? Well, doing this will get rid of annoying diaper lines as well as the need for retouching.

  1. Feeding Breaks

As we know, newborns need to be fed from time to time and that's why you (mom) need to be around. You only have to give your baby a quick meal as well as some cuddling to get him or her ready for the spotlight again! I also suggest feeding your baby before the session, so they'll be ready to fall asleep. In other words, giving your baby warm milk will get him or her perfectly set for the photo shoot

  1. Beautiful Props & Outfits

At Gaby Photography, we do have some of the cutest props for your session. Trust me! We do not hesitate to invest on the most beautiful outfits and super cute props that you will love your baby pictures. We have an amazing selection that includes knitted hats, crowns, stuffed animals, scarves, baskets, wood props etc. Your will looove it!!

  1. What You Should Wear

Lastly, you need to wear a timeless outfit for the photo session. So what's the perfect outfit for the shoot? Well, you only have to wear simple clothing, more like the one that's free from loud logos and patterns. Just put on soft, neutral fabrics that won't distract the focus on your cute baby; remember, he or she is the star of the show!  

And that's it! These are five simple tips that are sure to help you feel prepared and comfortable for the big photo shoot. Looking for some more inspiration? Be sure to check out my newborn portfolio! Here's how a perfect dream photo shoot look like and next bay can be yours!!


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