Pregnancy Photo Shoots

There are few subjects as beautiful for a photographer than an expecting mom.

There are few subjects as beautiful for a photographer than an expecting mom.

Ask any woman that’s been pregnant, and she’ll probably tell you that it’s not the most glamorous nine months of her life since there is a lot going on, and their body and spirit might not always be up to a photo shoot.

However, at Gaby Photography we will provide you with an experience that will show the mom-to-be that she can look and feel amazingly gorgeous in each of her photographs. We will capture the moment with so much love that her beautiful baby bump really shines during the photoshoot…

There will be plenty of opportunities to show how gorgeous the mom-to-be can look in her portraits, we will provide her with the most beautiful gowns they have ever seen and our color contrasts, organic textures and exquisite light technique combined with our magnificent editing will make you want to see more of our stunning artwork.

We focus the maternity pictures on the mom-to-be and her baby bump, but maybe there are other people to consider, too.

Perhaps there are more children and other family loved ones? We always encourage family members to participate in the photoshoot to create something unique, providing a special highlight for the mom-to-be, the dad, children and relatives.

Let’s celebrate life and beauty, let us create some special maternity memories for you and the family to treasure for evermore.

Why not have a look at our portfolio and contact us so that together we can create some magnificent photos of the beautiful mom-to-be.

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